Saturday, 6 February 2010

2010 Season begins

It has been a while since I last posted anything on this blog. The reason being that there wasn't much happening down on the plot and I have been enjoying the cold cold cold weather of Canada on holiday visiting my family. I know...... my carbon footprint for the year is off to a flying start. Forgive me.
Anyway on to more pressing matters. The 2010 growing season is upon us, Hooray!! We're so excited here at May Gardens. We've got a lot of new ideas and will be making some changes around the plots and there is even talk of chickens this year.....ooooooouuuuuu.

It's not yet official what exactly we will be bringing in or taking out of the garden but you can rest asure it will be bigger and better than last season (fingers cross). I personally have been pushing the case for chickens on the plot but the treat of fox attacks has caused great debate on the issues, only time will tell. We've purchased two new mini greenhouses for the nursery. We've also obtained some very odd and exciting new seeds to experiment with and we managed to get a hold of some wire fencing to help keep those menacing little red devils out (foxes I mean).

Groundworks is one of the new organisation we are working with to get our ideas out to the wider community. We are planning to hold an event
sometime next month, an open day if you will, which would aim to promote community interactive projects. We also got introduced to Project Dirt (, this is a fantastic networking site for people who have a passion for horticulture, permaculture, the environment, climate change, etc. It allows you to promote and/or support various projects, it provides information on self sustainable events happening around the country and it put you in touch with like minded people. In a nut shell it is facebook for tree hugging hippies (I mean that the most positive way possible).

Red alert
We're on the war path. While I was away the foxes back in London decided that the polytunnel made a nice toy. The damage was heartbreaking. Fox proofing the site is now top priority. It seems a bit cruel to kill them off but we need to devise a plan for keeping them at bay. Fencing seems like the most obvious solution but how wants their place of peace, escape and relaxation looking like a fortress? So the search for the ultimate defence continues.

Not alot has happened yet on the site so there's not much change since the last set of photos went up but work has started and there will soon be masses of updates and exciting happenings to report on, so be patient and happy gardening 2010.