Friday, 15 April 2011

Blooming Lovely

Hey folks. It's been a short wile but things have been moving along quite well here at May Project Gardens. The Majority of the plants have sprung up and the fruit trees are in full bloom. We are attempting to add a small wild flower meadow to the garden which is said to be good for attracting both birds and insects. It might be a bit late in the season for sowing wildflowers but we are hopeful most will germinate. I will talk more about the wild meadow later on down the line. I have spent a few night tenting in the garden under the grand apple tree and there has been an almost deafening buzz over head. I am so glad to see evidence of so much bee activity this year.
  The apple tree in all her glory

The kitchen garden aka "the salad bar" has been doing very well so have the main crop garden. We still have not been able to repair the damage caused to the polytunnel be Mr fox, and as a result we have not yet transplanted the tomatoes, aubergines, and the like. We hope to have that done by the end of next week. 

Onions, Carrots and Goose berries

 Broad beans, Potatoes, and Garlics.

We've got tadpoles. Hard to believe but we only just started to see tadpoles and newt-lets swimming around our pond. The pond is barely two months old and the diversity of life already present is nothing short of amazing. To be honest though, I cheated a  bit. On one of my camping trips to Essex I acquired some frog spawn and pond weed and filled a 1.5lt water bottle with water from an already established pond and added them to the May pond and they have all taken nicely to their new home.  
Our strawberry plants have also began flowering and we expect a good harvest this year. The strawberries, being perennials, are also part of the food forest we are attempting to create. We also added some peppermint, which was left over from last years' harvest, into the mix. We are now discussing ground cover options and climbers for later on as the forest matures.

Mint and Strawberries on the edge of the food forest site.

Young Black and Red Currents

Young Apple

Young Cherry

That's pretty much all the updates I have for now. In the coming weeks, as the weather continues to warm we will be visiting some other community projects going on around our area, and we will also be looking at ways increasing our energy efficiency and looking to install a irrigation system for atleast part of the garden.