Monday, 8 June 2009

Updates #1

The site for the polytunnel has been chosen, and the tunnel arrived safe and sound (YIPPEE!!!). The framework is now up and the trench is being dug around it to support the polythene covering, it's a very pains-taking process but one that I am confident that will be well worth it. Once completed, I will dedicate an entire post to the process of it's construction.

Well a few more updates while construction of the new tunnel is on the way:
  • Bloody urban foxes, they are my number one enemy in the garden at the moment, even worst than the dreaded brown slug and bindweed. They have recently added two cubs to their family and they have taken a liking to the garden, the onion/shallot beds in particular. These foxes seem to be immune to all conventional means of deterrence. I've tried urine, environmentally friendly animal replant fluids(which stinks to high heaven by the way), barriers, even the barking of the neighbors dogs don't seem to phase them. One of our neighbors told me about a sonic gun which gives off a high frequency sonic pulse that scares them off once fired (doesn't harm them), I also heard about one that's attached to a motion detector which is quite expensive but i don't see any other alternative short of shooting every last one of the buggers......sadly the council won't allow that :-). But seriously they are very destructive, they eat low hanging fruits, dig up and knock over crops, and not to mention the little smelly gifts they leave behind once they have had their fill. Can't wait for the polytunnel to go up, hopefully they won't be bold enough to claw their way in.
  • It hasn't been all bad new though the strawberries are doing very well, the herb box has started filling out quite nicely, lettuce has been coming up continuously, the sweet corns have now adapted very well to the outdoor conditions and we have had our first harvest of broad beans which we planted last winter. We have also planted some runner beans in the remaining spaces of the potato patch which have taken very well. The bell peppers we've started indoors seem to be coping well.
  • The apples have also began to emerge, looks very promising for this season. We have shorten the Mew tree which was blocking a lot of the light from the west and this, it seems, has opened up a whole new potion of the apple tree to fruit production. I guess there will be a lot more cider to go around this Christmas.
  • And lastly, we have finally gotten around to ordering rain water collection and storage units thanks to the enthusiasm of one of our volunteers. They should be arriving any day now.
All in all the project is coming along very well, with the arrival of the polytunnel and the promise of new volunteers for the near future, progress will no doubt be stepped up a gear.

Lots and lots of Lettuces

Sweet Corn well established outdoors

Strawberries in bloom

Sweet Sweet Peppers

Harvested Broad Beans


  1. This is wonderful stuff you are doing! Keep it up- now more then ever we all need to be this susbtainable. i wish i was ther to enjoy the lovely organic produce.. yum!

  2. This is great work Randy,how do you do all this an dstill go to school?its really amazing keep it up