Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Quick Update

Just a quick update on the May Project Gardens. The kitchen garden is doing very well, the majority of the salad crops and herbs have started to show their shoot leaves. We've got about six different varieties of lettuces and salad leaves, some chives, basil, rocket and parsley growing in this space scattered among each other. The weather has been nice to us, not too hot or dry for too long during the day and not too cold and windy at night.

    New shoots, salads and herbs

Also in the kitchen garden we have some spinach growing and they too have just started forcing up leaves.

Baby Spinach

Plants in the main crop garden which are now visible are broad bean and garlic. A few onions have started showing their tips but it's still very difficult to see from a distance.

Broad bean and Garlic

Under the polytunnel, though there is not much going on in the ground, plants-wise, there is a number of young-lings growing up in the mini green houses. Soon most of these will be planted on, plants such as tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, melons, onions, and more will share the polytunnels' beds as their home for the summer.

   The Nursery

The forest garden too is doing well. Two of the trees have started showing leaves, apple and pear, and the others have got new buds on them. The bushes have also started producing new growth.

It's Aliveeee....

Last but not least, the wildlife garden. This has the makings of something great. The pond is alive with both plants and other organisms we are just about to introduce some very small cold water fish. We have yet to complete planting up the banks.

 A wildlife haven

That's the updates so far. I will be heading down to Brighton and Essex next weekend and will hopefully be able to find and collect some wild pond plants and creatures to bring back. See you soon and enjoy the rest of spring 2011.

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