Monday, 27 June 2011

Welcoming Summer

Yesterday felt like the hottest day of the year so far and today is not that far off either. We had a very dry beginning to the spring and the plants were sighing a little, but then the rains came and boy did they come. We had a solid three days of rain and everything just went mad with growth. 
We have been harvesting salad from our salad beds, rocket, lettuce, spinach, herbs: chives, thyme, and coriander. We have pulled up the spinach and have now planted the second wave of salad leaves.
  Second wave of salads

Thyme, parsley, rhubarb and sage

In the main crop spaces we have harvested the broad beans and are now preparing the bed for either broccoli or cabbage foe the winter. We have still got potatoes, garlics, onions, carrots, french beans, squashes and corn in the ground.

Main crop beds in June 2011.

The forest garden / mini orchard is also putting on a show. All the fruit trees and bushes have taken and have still not shown any signs of disease or pestilence. Some of the annual vegetables we planted as ground cover for the forest garden space while the trees mature, have began to show some growth and others have not done so well thanks to slugs, snails, foxes and cats.  

Food forest garden

The strawberry patch on the edge of the food forest has been very productive once again. This year it has produced very sweet, plump and juicy fruits and has even spread in our neighbours' flower garden, viva la revolution!!! . 

Freshly picked strawberries

The wild zone has been thriving since spring began and both the pond and mini wild flower meadow have been getting very frequent visits from a vast variety of insects.
 Wild flower meadow

May Pond in June 2011

Hottest day of the year so far. Things have started to dry up once again in anticipation of the rain. We are looking forward to summer and both the challenges and rewards it brings. Preparations for the seasons harvest will soon begin and until the rain returns, I am off to fetch the watering can.


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  2. Very Good work Randy,cant believe this is actually happening in London,BRAVO to you Vincentian Man

  3. Randy I am a friend of your Mon's know u since u were a kid,I must say we are all proud of u going to the UK and initiating something like this......u need an Award, I just love this project boy wish i could get some of those strawberries yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great job Randy keep it up
    By:V.Williams SVG