Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Just a quick one

Hello all. Sorry for the long period of silence. Here at May Project we have been working on extending the services we offer at the site. We have already done a lot of planting and are now organising a one day festival on May 6th in Camberwell to celebrate all things sustainable. I haven't got a camera at the moment so not able to post any photos but will get on that asap. We have lost our French bean crop and the battle of the ground elder is still ongoing on one of the salad beds. But on a positive note we have managed to get a small plot at the lovely Dean City Farm in South London so do come by for a visit if you are able. The predicted drought has not yet hit (knock on wood) so we are making the most of the rains and collecting and storing as much water as possible and putting down more layers of mulch just in case. 
More post to follow soon. Until then happy gardening for 2012. 

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