Sunday, 31 July 2011

Back on Track

Finally managed to get a new laptop and now have new pictures of the garden. So here you go, pictures of the garden in late July. It's been a hot and dry couple of days but everything is still doing quite well.

Mizuna (Xiu Cai)

Young Leaf Salad 

Winter Cabbage

Sweet Corn

French Dwarf Beans 


Tomatoes (outdoors)


Sunflowers (front garden)

Front Garden
Sunflowers (back garden)
Sweet and Spicy Peppers

Aubergines (egg plant/garden egg)

Melons and Squash

Wild Flower Meadow

Edible Forest Garden

May Pond

Adult frog chilling in the pond (beautiful orangey-brown colour)

Young frog exploring the garden

Apple Tree - almost ready for juicing
Rewards, Hmmmmm......yum

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